Number of connections

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How many users can you have playing content with the vampire box plan, simultaneously.

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Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to that as you don't give out more details. Transcoding needs to be done or direct play? 4K playback, 1080p or 720p? How much video bitrate? And what type of codecs/containers does your content have (e.g. x264 or x265/HEVC) ?

no se que detalles pide , si te refieres a los 4 k cuantos , si son de 1080 cuantos o 720 cuanto ??????vídeo bitrate ???? y que tipo de codec , ahí tiene todos los detalles que seria bueno saber . y dar respues a la pregunta de que igual me interesa saber.
Yes, we need this info so we can reply. We can't say, for example, that you can stream 5 1080p streams if we don't know if they will be direct streamed or not. And if they do need to be transcoded, we need to know how much bitrate the movies have and especially if they are encoded in HEVC codecs. For regular, x264 1080p transcodes, a generic rule is that Vampire box can stream 3 - 4 simultaneous streams