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Ombi - Sonarr Radarr

Posted September 10th, 2018    3101   0   ombi sonarr radarr

How do I connect Ombi to Sonarr or Radarr?

I've tried using -, localhost and the ip shown in my server info
with the ports 8989 for sonarr and 7878 for radarr and the corresponding API keys.

Can somebody please tell me what im missing or doing wrong? thank you.

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Accepted Answer

My sonarr settings (your hostname will differ)

Hostname: pao-sonarr.cloud.seedboxes.cc
Port: 443
Sonarr API Key: (from Sonarr > Settings > General > API Key)
SSL: yes
Sonarr base URL: leave blank

With these settings, I was able to retrieve my quality profiles, and pick one; and I was able to retrieve the root folder (there was only one).


@pao thanks for just saving my mind today!