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on my ruTorrent all my files are stoped

Posted December 27th, 2020    439   0  

I noticed today that any files i add on my seedbox the new files where stopped !
i went on my seedbox account and restarted the service.
then all my files got moved to the torrents blackhole ( as i found out from my filezilla)
I moved them back to the main download folder ,and they appeared now on my rutorrent on my browser but now except the new files i added all the others show status stopped .
what can i do to fix it ?

Thanks Jack

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Well I found a sollution i think
in the rutorrent
I select a few files at a time right click on them and select force recheck
when its done ( it takes a few moments) then i select start , and they become green agian .
I dont know if this is the solution


I can only think that you must have accidentally moved your files to the torrents blackhole folder or perhaps it was a random glitch at rutorrent configuration (though a bit unlikely to tell you the truth or else the problems would continue to exist).
Rutorrent couldn't find them, thus showing them as being stopped. If you clicked the start button prior to force rechecking, they would probably appear with errors instead of stopped.

Moving the files to their download locations and selecting a few of them at a time (so you wouldn't generate too much I/O on the disks, resulting in slowing down or freezing the app), was the correct way to go.

If you encounter this issue again, please open a support ticket from your client area, without restarting your seedbox, so our technicians can further investigate.