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OpenVPN IPv6

Posted March 4th, 2019    980   0   vpn nat IPv6

Do the VPN servers support IPv6 tunnelling? Using the default configuration, my IPv6 address including location etc are leaked even though the IPv4 shows up as the VPN server IP. The IPv4 can also be obtained using the v6 address it seems.

This may be related to my ISP switching the modem or network to IPv6 recently, I just noiced that my VPN is not offering any obfustication!

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Hi, same for me, using openvpn on ipv4, no leak but IPv6 leak eveything : location, ip ...
Just seem that ipv6, just bypass the VPN. Even my speed test show that it don't use VPN in ipv6, because my connection is jusy at its Max speed about 1 Gbps. when desactivating ipv6, speed is limlited to 50 Mbps. (vpn limits)

It's just sad in 2021 that it's not supported by their server.


Only the IPv4 stack is currently supported, there are no IPv6 routes installed for the tunnel during connection. So, your computer will use the default IPv6 route of your router to reach an IPv6 destination.

You will have to disable the IPv6 stack from your network settings to avoid this.