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Posted May 15th, 2017    3009   0   plex server stuck looking for


I'm stuck,
I've installed and reinstall plex,
when i log in all i get is the icon stuck on "looking for sever",
in the setting tabs i have very few options to choose from.

Any idea's on what i can do to sort this out please

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Accepted Answer

If you don't see the new server after you login, try to uninstall and reinstall the plex server. When you get your claim code, it is EXTREMELY important to click on the "copy to clipboard" button to copy your code instead of trying to selecting and copying it manually. Also don't waste time to start the installation, as the claim code expires after a couple of minutes. Please make sure to use the copy to clipboard button, as it is the only way the code is copied correctly (if you try to do it manually, it copies it with uppercase characters, which is not correct)


I can sign in, i just can seem to access the server setup page