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Plex 1080

Posted May 1st, 2020    484   0  


I got the bat box but I can't seem to get any content in 1080. What box should I have that supports 1080?

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If you meant via transcoding, BatBox can easily transcode 1 stream of 1080p content (unless x265 video codecs or special audio codecs are being used) in which case you will most probably be needing an upgrade.

Note: If you experience buffering, make sure this is not a network issue. Just login, run the speedtest and reroute, as described here

For further investigation, please open a support ticket from your client area

Hmm thanks! I did re-route my network to one that is just slightly faster. Don't think that'll be it. I also upgraded my box to vampire but I still experience the same issue streaming in 1080. My own d/u speeds are 250/85, that should be good enough, right?
This is most unusual. Could you please open a support ticket so our technicians can thoroughly check it out? Don't forget to paste the speedtest link too, as well as give a specific example of a movie you can't stream

i can confirm this happens to me aswell daily. I am in north america on a vampire box and i still struggle certain times a day with only 2 streams going. Sometime i cannot even watch short shows because it will play for only 3 or 4 mins then stop/buffer for so long it gives up. i have tried all kinds of different setting but alas i am giving up


If you haven't done so already, could you please open a support ticket from your client area? Don't forget to paste the speedtest link too (preferably run the speedtest the moment you experience issues - just cancel the stream and run the speedtest)