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hola cuantas conecciones de plex permite el servicio vampire box , a que hace referencia los VPN para que sirven , lo gb de almacenamiento son solo para la instalacion del plex en su servidor o usa ese almacenamiento para algo ? si tengo mi informacion en mi g drive , para que son los almacenamientos de sus disco duro ? ,desde ya muchas gracias por las respuestas.

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We don't limit the connections to Plex - we give you administrative access to your server, so it is up to you for adding as many users as you want (although if you have in mind too many users streaming simultaneously all the time, then I guess you should aim for a dedicated server instead of seedbox). All of your users should direct play at their Plex clients so if there are many simultaneous streams, the vCPU can suffice. If however, transcoding needs to be done, then only a few users (3 or perhaps 4, but this depends on a lot of factors) will be able to stream simultaneously x264 1080p content with the Vampire Box.

VPN has nothing to do with Plex, the communication from Plex is already encrypted. Generally speaking, everything that has to do with the seedbox is already encrypted.
VPN is used to your devices (even mobiles if you want) to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel to ensure your online privacy and protect your sensitive data while surfing the internet or downloading/uploading files etc.
Vampire box offers 3 simultaneous VPN connections at any time.

The disk space of each plan is for all available 1-click installable apps and share your seedbox space (e.g. for Syncthing, which has nothing to do with Plex). If you have all of your libraries at your Google drive, then you won't be needing the Vampire Box (a Bat Box can suffice) since you can offload your downloads to Google drive easily via a script (or manually), unless you want to stream 4K content in your plex client (from Google drive too!). Vampire box is the starter box for 4K streaming via transcoding