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Plex and Gdrive

Posted September 14th, 2019    324   0  

Installed Plex and Gdrive and it works initially. But if i try it a little later or stop playing & then go back, the Movies or TV shows are "Unavailable" in Plex. When I look at the manage libraries, it's pointing to the gdrive, but only recognizes what is in the local seedbox plex folder. If I restart Plex, then it will recognize the files in Gdrive and works ok, but then the same problem next time i try to play something with files unavailable again.

Anyone else have this problem or ideas to fix the issue?


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As no one has experienced the same problem you described or ideas to fix it, I suggest opening a support ticket from your client area -if you haven't already done so- in order for our technicians to check it thoroughly.


Have you tried creating another/new libarary to see if that helps?