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Plex Conversions (w/ Google Drive)

Posted December 1st, 2021    572   0  

Hey there,

Layman here, so apologies if my terminology is off or confusing!

I'm using Google Drive to house my Plex media, leveraging the scheduled "mover" that migrates grabbed media from SeedBox to GDrive twice a day. I've noticed that Plex's "Conversions/Optimized Versions" functionality doesn't work, and I suspect it's because of this. Does anyone know how to get that functionality working in this configuration (or if it works for you and I'm way off base)?

Appreciate your help!

For reference, everything appears to work fine from the UI, but when I go to check the status of the conversion, there's always this error: "Converted files cannot be written to the server's disk"

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Could you try using the "/home/gdrive-plex/" path for the version storage location?
Just bear in mind that the converted files will be placed inside your seedbox and then the offload script will transfer it to your Gdrive automatically.