Plex Google drive cifrado y api

Posted May 8th, 2020    239   0  

I am interested in acquiring a vps with you, I would like to know if Google drive and plex manage to integrate well, also if the Google drive creates a cache of the files to avoid bans by requests to the api.

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First of all, our seedbox is not a vps service. All users on each server share the full resources of the server.
Usually that works better than a vps, because depending on the activity of other users you get access to more of your share of resources of the server, since not all users are active at the same time that you will.
The only exception is the plex server, which depending on your plan, allocates more vCPU power to upgraded tiers which means more simultaneous streams via transcoding and/or 4K playback.

Now to your question:
Yes, Plex integration into Google drive is done well and in an easy way - we have a guide for that too.
However bearn in mind, rclone does not cache the contents of your downloads, it just caches the directory tree to avoid making API calls to get the contents of the directory and the files metadata. But when you stream a video, the video is being downloaded in realtime from Google Drive