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Plex Library Scan and GDrive

Posted November 13th, 2020    626   0  

What is the best way not to hit the API limit when linking plex to gdrive? I believe library scans can cause a temp API ban?

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Just move your new, completed content (manually or via sonarr/radarr apps) to your local seedbox Plex subfolders and make sure to set your library interval scans to at least 12 hours or even a full day if you have a large library, in order to reduce the API calls.


I have my server set to scan manually. I scan once a week as I have added new content. If you use this method it's highly doubtful you'll get hit with the API ban.


It is possible if you are using dedicated server. Just mount multiple rclone with different gmail.
So you can pointed your plex to the multiple mounted rclone.
But with managed seedbox, there are no such way. Just scan once a day your whole libraries.