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Plex Live TV or IPTV Setup

Posted September 20th, 2020    402   0   plex live tv tutorial

Any guide suggestions to set up Plex Live TV & DVR or IPTV on

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Yep, they dont support xTeVe, so you you will need to host another server like I had to do. 2vCPU 2GB RAM, 1GB Network VPS with Ubuntu is enough.

I've been asking for months with the answers of "its coming soon" and a few months later it was "its not a priority" what should be a priority is the customer base but seems not.

i am now in my last 7 days of my subscription and I have migrated to my own dedicated server where my Sonarr can see my GDrive and xTeVe is running my IPTV to Plex DVR for a few euro's more but with complete freedom to install and do as i wish. I have been the test and documentation case for about 8 of my friends that have either Zombie or Red Dragon boxes that are about to follow me for the same reasoning.


Which server did you subscribe to? I'm also looking for xteve support.