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Question about the configuration

Posted August 28th, 2022    313   0   seedbox Drive transmission jdownloader

Hello is it possible from his seedbox to set up jellyfin to watch movies.
And then to connect a team drive, to have a web interface for transmission and jdownloader.
And also to make a command or something allowing to download from the seedbox then to send on the team drive ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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All of these apps are supported by us via 1-click installable apps.
At your seedbox client area, you are able to set which of the three torrent clients you wish to use, transmission included.

As for the command, there is no need for that, everything is done automatically via sonarr3/radarr apps.
Just install your rclone mount via seedbucket and then check our guides for those apps too, which you can find here and here.

Lastly, for content that is not handled via sonarr3/radarr apps, you can just use seedbucket to move it easily from your seedbox towards your Gdrive.
If you want, we can create a script that will automatically offload twice per day, content found inside a folder at your seedbox towards another folder at your Gdrive. Just send us a ticket from your client area, requesting this.


Yes, it would be convenient to make a script that would move everything from a seedbox folder to a team drive folder, I don't have a seedbox yet, but I'm planning to get one in two or three months, I'm planning to get one at 30€ per month