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Radarr / Sonarr app and transcoding

Posted August 25th, 2020    418   0   sonarr radarr docker plex

Hello there!
Before subscribing to Seedboxes, I need to know if you can deploy multiple instance of Radarr / Sonarr at the same time, and if you can choose the version? Is it a "seedboxes proprietary panel" or you have access to Docker and can do whatever you want?

Also, what about 1080p transcoding? I see that the Bat Box has 5v CPU so it can technically transcode 5 1080p 10mbit file at the same time? And what about direct streaming 4k? I see that some plan have a little 4k icon on it, what does it mean?

Thanks for any answer.

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Unfortunately you can have only one instance per app and you always get the latest one with weekly auto-updates (unless you definitely need a certain older version without the option of upgrading - you need to send us a support ticket requesting that).
Specifically for Sonarr, we use the V2 as V3 is still in beta. Once the developers feel that it is stable enough and release it as that, we will of course migrate to V3.
You don't have access to those containers.

The number of vCPU's doesn't indicate the number of 1080p transcodes, it merely states the number of vCPU's allocated to that plan. The Bat Box can transcode only a single 1080p stream (non HEVC/x265). If you need 5 simultaneous 1080p transcodes, then you should be looking for at least Zombie box (general idea, as this is dependent on many factors like what type of encoding has been performed, what audio/video codecs are used etc).

As for 4K playback, Bat Box is able to stream 4K content in direct play (you are only limited from your bandwidth, you should aim for ~50MBps average speed when running our speedtest). However, if your plex client requests transcoding to be done, then the Bat Box is not powerful enough to make the conversion. You should at least get the Vampire Box, indicated by the 4K icon (which is the starter box for 4K streaming via transcoding, meaning for very high video bitrate content with special audio/video codecs, you should probably be needing to upgrade to Zombie box).