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Radarr & Sonarr remote path map to seedbox not working

Posted May 30th, 2021    1016   0   radarr sonarr post processing remote path mapping

I have Radarr & Sonarr setup on windows desktop. Both apps connect to seedbox & add torrents without any issue. I use syncthing to bring back finished files to desktop & have radarr & sonarr handle the processing, but I'm not able to figure out why the remote path mapping is not working.. I keep getting these error on the Queue page


I have tried replacing 'user' on the remote path with my seedbox username but it didn't yield any results.

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We will be releasing soon enough the rclone mount for other apps too (aside from Plex which already has access to it) so stay tuned!

Now since this is a public forum, I have edited the whole paragraph containing the links as well as the paths due to privacy reasons.


It was supposed to be ready last month according to what i got told in the tickets :/
(Just wanna note that im not trying to be rude or anything i really do understand that there is some heavy (not lifting i guess) work involved and just the fact that we get so good quality service like i have never gotten as good results running plex + (redacted rclone solution) and it doesnt fail it doesnt stutter it doesnt require me opening a ticket every week for fixing something it just works

im happy about my decision to take on a full year in advance :D

(Speaking about jellyfin and emby support but most likely everything is planned to be pushed in the same update?)

I'm waiting like a kid on christmas for jellyfin support.
Im not really into the whole pay 100 + EUR for lifetime plex pass
just so i can use hardware transcoding, nah man plex can **** my **** (ya i censored it myself i dont wanna be rude on here) but for real i think jellyfin provide me with such a btter experience i tested it and got good results :D