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Radarr/Sonarr file formats

Posted October 17th, 2022    136   0   radarr sonarr plex streaming

Hello, I am trying to optimize my Plex streaming and was told to only download x264/h264 preferable MP4 to avoid transcoding and foce direct play at all times, is this true, if so, how the heck do I make this happen using Sonarr and Radarr? I've been messing with it for hours and can't see how to force these options. Please help. Thanks

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You need to create a release profile under settings -> Profiles and input the words "x264" and "h264" at the "must contain" field.
If you wish this profile to be applied to specific content only (and not globally), then add a "x264" tag at the "tags" field and give this tag to your content you wish it to be applied to.

For further insights, you can check a random guide I just searched for here, or you can also check at sonarr forums here