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Radarr/Sonarr - Google Drive

Posted May 9th, 2019    120   1   radarr sonarr Google drive plex

Is there a way to point Radarr or Sonarr to the google drive? I can't seem to find the mount point for google drive. It would make the automation much simpler because it could handle moving completed data off into long term storage.

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Accepted Answer

Official response from a ticket placed with this quesiton:

"The mount is not available inside your seedbox, it is only available to the plex server. It is made that way, dor the exact reason not to be used with any other apps, as this is mostly misused causing extreme load on the servers and quite often bans on google drive api."


I second this question. Not even to have Sonarr place files there but just to know it has files on both Gdrive and the files drive.


Agree. Need the answer to this question.