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rclone crypt mounted drive on local PC?

Posted January 11th, 2020    1368   0  

just wondering if its possible to gain access with "rclone mount" on localPC to the encrypted google drive that seedbucket has access too? so local plex server can access the same content?

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I am actually wanting to do this myself. I want to use my seedbox to download and transfer items to my encrypted G drive, Then use a local plex server to access the encrypted drive and use it. I've been trying to use google fu and most of it is just doing the initial setup of using rclone and all that. I can't seem to find anything about mounting an already encrypted G drive to a local plex server. If anyone knows the answer, please let us know.


I guess this is possible, just use the same Google drive options with the one you attached to your seedbox (so exact same client id, secret etc when you create the new drive through 'rclone config' at your local PC via a terminal. The name of your Google drive can be anything you want e.g. gdrive).

Afterwards, go to your seedbucket, find the encrypted folder, right click it and select "Encryption details".
If you did whole drive encryption, go to your settings -> Drives and select "Encryption details" at the drive. You could also see the encryption folder details from here, just click "Show keys" for the corresponding encrypted folder.
Either way, at the new modal click the "Rclone settings" and press the "Copy to clipboard" button.

Go back to your PC terminal, edit the configuration file with your favourite terminal editor (it probably resides at '~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf' if you are using linux) and paste the clipboard at the bottom of the file.
You will be needing to do two changes;
1) Rename the "[CRYPT NAME]" to something distinguishable e.g. [crypted] (without quotes, only the brackets and the name of the mount), and
2) Rename the "remote = YOUR REMOTE:/FOLDER" with the name you gave your Google drive (e.g. gdrive, see above), so it should be written as "remote = gdrive:/FOLDER" (replace FOLDER with encrypted folder filename if you set encryption to a folder or "remote = gdrive:" if you set whole drive encryption). Again, without the quotes.
Save and exit.

Finally, follow the procedure here to mount the remote as file system on a pre-created empty mountpoint of your choice, so something like:
rclone mount crypted: ~/mount

Don't forget to add the new library paths and re-scan your content, so you can stream from your local server