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rclone path?

Posted January 26th, 2020    364   0  

My apologies, but I'm a noob.

I followed the process to setup seedbucket and have it encrypt my GDrive.

I want to store all my Plex media in the GDrive. I've installed Plex, but it's pointed at the local filesystem paths. Is there a path that rclone is mounted to so I can get my media on the GDrive?

I didn't "attach" GDrive upon Plex install because I had already setup seedbucket and figured it would just be mounted somewhere.

I want to use Sonarr/Radarr etc to download and then move the media automatically to the library on the GDrive.


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You can store your plex media in the Gdrive, but since you didn't implement Plex with Google, you won't be able to stream your media that resides in Google.
Therefore, you need to re-install plex - this time choose to integrate Gdrive.

You can find our thorough guide here . At the end of the guide, there are instructions on how to setup the script to automatically offload content from your local seedbox Plex subfolders towards your Google drive Plex subfolders. Alternatively, you can send us a ticket from your client area and we will take care of the script installation.

You must set Sonarr (and Radarr) to point the completed paths at /home/user/files/Plex/TV (and /home/user/files/Plex/Movies retrospectively), then the script will handle the rest.

Just remember to enable the "Ignore Deleted Episodes" setting in Sonarr and "Unmonitor Deleted Movies" in Radarr. This way all files that are moved to Google Drive will be marked as unmonitored and won't be downloaded again.
You might have to enable the "Advanced Settings" toggle to see those settings.