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Posted January 2nd, 2021    630   1   rclone plex

Hey guys,

So my Plex server is set up. But my Plex server can't read/find the files encrypted. When i try to refresh media data. It shows them and lists through them in activity tab but doesn't end up showing them in Plex to play.
Do i need to somehow make plex able to encrypt the stuff ? I thought its automatic. I need help please i can't seem to find a solution for hours now..

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Hi there!
Normally, the correct procedure would be to encrypt Google drive (whole drive encryption or single folder encryption) and then install Plex into that encrypted destination. After that, Plex would be able to decrypt content and stream it at your plex client.

If you haven't done so already, could you please open a support ticket from your client area so our technicians can assist you?