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Request to disable Google Authenticator

Posted December 5th, 2022    378   0   2fac authenticator reset

I've sent two emails, one on November 21 and a second on November 23 requesting to have google authenticator removed from my account but have not received a single reply. The email is being sent to [email protected] from the email associated with the account.

Google authenticator has been installed and needs to be reconfigured.

On a side note, it would be nice to be able to submit support tickets without needing to use 2fac for situations such as this.

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Dear Sir,

i cannot locate your email. Of course we do receive support emails normally via [email protected] which is the way to contact us if you are locked out of your client area. If you actually sent these emails, i do not know why they were not received by us. Could you please resend an email to [email protected] (an alternate email address) so that we can get your registered email address first (in order not to post it here), unlock your account and run a check on our mail server to see if there are logs on why this email was not received.

Please reply here once you have sent the email just to be sure

Thank you in advance

Thank you. I just sent the email to the alternate email address as well as CC'd [email protected] in case that can help your efforts in checking the mail server. Cheers, Clark