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Restart Rtorrent for new scripts at command line

Posted May 23rd, 2020    247   0  

Hi all,

So recently I've been attempting to add some scripts to my .rtorrent.rc file and ran into a bit of a wall when I trying to test my changes. Turns out I don't know how to restart the rtorrent client on the seedbox.... I tried googling around with no luck so I figured Id ask here. I looked under the /etc/init.d directory but nothing jumped out at me as the obvious service name. I'm sure I'm just missing something stupid, but any help you guy could provide would be great.

Also, I'm sure I'm not the only person to try adding scripts to Rtorrent but has anyone had any trouble setting this up?


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When you first log in to your seedbox via SSH, there are some informational commands shown at the screen. One of them states that by issuing "stop-rtorrent" you stop the daemon client and "start-rtorrent" for starting it (without the quotes).
Just wait for a couple of seconds after stopping it and before starting it again.


Ah... much obliged. I left my ssh session running so I either missed that entirely or simply forgot about it.


Oh... very interesting. You guys used the screen command to "daemonize" the rtorrent server inside the ssh terminal. Any reason to not use systemd?

Also, for anyone who wants to take a peek under the hood, you can find the "start-rtorrent" and "stop-rtorrent" aliases in ~/.bashrc