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Run out of space

Posted June 1st, 2021    446   0  

Hi, I run out of space from 1000Gb that I have it? What can I do to delete or buy more tb?

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If you exceeded that amount and your seedbox got suspended, you can use the link sent to your email to unsuspend it and proceed to delete content in order to drop below the disk threshold and avoid a new suspension by the system.

After unsuspending it, if you have installed seedbucket, you can use it for easily deleting content. Alternatively, you can use the torrent client's explorer and delete some torrents along with data. Or, you can use FTP/SFTP for that.

If however you want to keep all of your current content, then your only solution is to upgrade to a bigger tier.
Please open a support ticket from your client area, stating the plan you wish to upgrade to, and our technicians we will handle the rest.