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ruTorrent Bandwidth Settings Auto-Revert

Posted December 20th, 2020    851   0   rutorrent bandwidth

The bandwidth settings in ruTorrent keep auto-reverting to default values, making torrents unable to seed, as peer and upload slots are very limited.

Why are these values constantly defaulting?

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Rutorrent doesn't save the new settings at rtorrent client, so every time the seedbox restarts, the torrent client is also restarted as part of your seedbox, thus reverting to the default settings - which by the way are more than sufficient for uploading. Bear in mind that if you open too many slots or vastly increase the number of peers for seeding, you will be causing a high I/O of the disk, that will most definitely slow down your rutorrent performance and you will end up with the exact opposite result.

In any case, in order for your changes to be persistent, you need to edit the '/home/user/.rtorrent.rc' file and apply your changes there.
Since this is a hidden file, you need to connect via SSH and edit the file using a terminal text editor. Don't forget to restart your seedbox afterwards (or just stop and start the daemon torrent client with 'stop-rtorrent' and 'start-rtorrent' retrospectively).
Also, make sure you know what you are doing or you could end up with a non-functioning torrent client - wouldn't hurt to take a backup of that file first.

Of course, we could always assist you with this matter, just open a ticket from your client area, stating which changes you wish to do and we will handle the rest