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Sickrage and Kodi

Posted July 1st, 2017    1948   0   sickrage Kodi notification host connection

I'm trying to connect Kodi to the Sickrage app using the Kodi Sickrage plugin so that I can get notifications and also add new TV Shows via kodi but I can't seem to get the settings to work. Here's what is required by the Kodi plugin:

Server IP or Host: 
Server Port:
Use SSL:      yes/no
Web Root
    Note: Web Root is optional as required.
    Final URL Examples:


Then on the Login page it needs username, password and API key.

All help appreciated.

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Accepted Answer

Please use the following settings (please substitute the "username" with your seedbox username:

port: 443
ssl: yes

username, password, apikey are the ones you login in your sickrage, and the apikey you can see it in your sickrage settings