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Some torrents will not start?

Posted April 30th, 2021    385   0  

Why is the following happening????????

Trying to add a particular torrent, nothing out of the ordinary, it always goes grey, never blue, never red, only black when stopping it, then grey when starting it. This is so messed up. I force recheck it two dozen times -- always grey, After hitting START it just goes grey, Hit pause and nothing happens. Stop it then start it it again -- goes grey. Check for Update -- nothing. Update Trackers -- nothing. Remove torrent. Add it back again. Then again. Then again. Then again. Then again and over ten times in total -- nothing.

I've had this happen before, in the past couple months, but never to this extent. Something would always trigger it to start but I've been trying for literally over a half hour.

Here's the kicker -- it works fine in uTorrent. Add and it starts right up, shows seeders, shows peers, downloads perfectly. In Rutorrent: read above. It's dead on arrival.

Why is this happening? Remember: immediately works fine in uTorrent. Not here. Ugh.

EDIT: not just once but several times this has now happened in the past 24 hours. I've added literally over 17 trillion torrents in the past year+ and I've never had one that would never start. The fact they work on uTorrent is extremely frustrating. I pay for this seedbox and sometimes it won't work?????

Please advise. Thank you.

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If you haven't done so already, please open a support ticket from your client area so our technicians can assist you, since this is an individual issue.