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when downloading from the seedbox server to my computer I cant get ovehar 1mps. I get that with CuteFTP Pro. I have tried the HTTP with a download Manager and I get about 200KBS. Do you have any suggestions on how to increase the speed. I should be able to get 8 to 12 mbs at least.

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The root of the issue with slow download speeds is that the servers you're downloading from are in the Netherlands. The way that the TCP protocol works, it'll only send so much data before it gets confirmation from the other end (called the 'window size'). In my case, it takes around 200-250ms for a packet to travel between the server in the Netherlands, and my location (California), so the server will receive 'acknowledgement' for the first data the client received perhaps 0.4 to 0.5 seconds after it sent it.

Two things I can suggest:

  1. Periodically visit, log in, turn on the 'automatically reroute' option, and run the test. This measures the speed of the various paths between the servers in the Netherlands and your location, and then changes the default route between you and it to the fastest one. For me, it's often via Level 3, but not always. Doesn't 'fix' the problem, but it does minimize it. In my case, this can mean the difference between the worst case (single stream ~ 2.5 Mbps) and best one (three stream ~15-20 Mbps).
  2. Give Syncthing a shot. Versions after v1.2 use google's 'QUIC' protocol, which performs quite a bit better over long distance connections. I regularly see transfer speeds in line with my speed test maximums (15-20 Mbps) during Syncthing transfers. If you're not keen on Syncthing, look for some other software that supports transfers over multiple concurrent connections.

Sadly, you're unlikely to ever see your internet connection saturated, unless you live in the Netherlands...