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Suspended account

Posted March 12th, 2022    1081   0  

Good afternoon,
The account is suspended for exceeding the Gb I have deleted files an hour ago and it is still in the same state. How much longer do I have to wait for it to be released?

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Accepted Answer

Please check your emails, there is a link that you can use in order to unsuspend your account yourself easily. If you did not get the email, then you either need to correct the email address in your account (in case you changed your email address), or to whitelist our email address ([email protected]) in order to make sure that our email does not get in your spam folder.

I am receiving the same message and despite deleting several items the account is not being released.

Hello, sorry I had a problem he in my neighborhood that was out of energy for 2 days.

No worries! Just connect to your seedbox via seedbucket, FTP or SFTP, delete some stuff and after 10 minutes the disk space will have been updated and your seedbox will automatically unsuspend.