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Posted July 31st, 2017    4010   1   traktv Plex Media Server

Hi there!

It's possible to intall Plugin for Plex Media Server on Explanation in this article:

If it's possible and allowed, how can I set up this on my Plex Media Server?

Thanks in adance!


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Accepted Answer

Yes, it is possible. the plex installation in your account (i assume you have one of our slots on the new platform, with dedicated plex server) is in ~/.apps/plex

In orders to see the hidden .apps folder you need to connect via SFTP or SSH

Then you can drop the trakt plugin in the relevant Plex plugins folder, and then you will have to restart plex from within your client area for the plugin to be loaded

Hi tony Thanks! Another question (maybe a stupid one); I've installed the WebTools V2.4.1 via the plug-ins folder. The Channel appears, but when I try to get to the specific url (172.xx.x.xx:PORT) I always get a network timeout error in my browser. Do I need to choose another URL/IP? Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately your plex server does not have access to the external network. This means it cannot open external accessible ports on the server. Unfortunately you will not be able to use this plugin
OK, good to know. Thanks for the answer!
FYI It does work if you follow Tony's instruction and use port forwarding via your SSH session to 172.xx.x.xx:33400 Once you've logged into Plex there you can get to the channel back in Plex and add your trackt token
I would like to add to this, that now, it is possible to access the webtools plugin without the port forwarding, by simply using the link: Just substitute the username with your seedbox username. This only works to new plex installations though.
tried that and got 502 bad gateway. cannot see app folders in ftp.