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unable to mount gdrive

Posted January 24th, 2019    722   0   enable fuse

Can fuse be enabled so gdrive can be mounted?

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Accepted Answer

No, we do not support mounting of remote drives in our seedboxes


You would definitely be able to compete more work services that charge the same or close to you. What are the advantages of having to services vs bytesized or ultraseedbox?


I think Bytesized Hosting has already answered that question:

I have had a Bytesized account, and was happy with the service they provided. But I outgrew it (feature-wise) and tried a few others before settling at seedboxes.cc. Everyone's needs are different, seedboxes.cc satisfies mine at very reasonable cost.

Is there are reason that rclone doesn't meet your needs? a seedbox is meant to be a stepping stone. If you want the files you download to end up in google drive, use rclone to copy them there.

Or maybe you don't need a seedbox at all - perhaps look at seedr, bitport, put.io, offcloud, etc. as a simpler way to get your torrents where you want them to be.

To get attractive pricing (especially with 'unlimited' bandwidth), you are sharing a machine with others. If several users start doing things that put a strain on that machine, we all suffer. Seedboxes.cc pricing is based on the number of subscribers a machine can provide acceptable service levels for. Drop that number, and the subscription prices must go up - the machine cost is pretty much fixed.

To be blunt, if you want to put your entire Plex library on Google Drive, and run Plex 'in the cloud' to access that library remotely-mounted, you should be looking at a dedicated server, not a seedbox. Then you're not sharing, and can do what you like (within the provider's acceptable use policy, that is). A seedbox is not meant to replace a dedicated server, and I also have a Hetzner account for the things it's unreasonable to expect a seedbox (i.e. a download-optimized shared service) to do.

I don't work for Seedboxes.cc, but I imagine the intent in offering Plex is to allow you to immediately stream things you just downloaded, from local storage on the same machine. If they supported mounting remote filesystems, there would be little reason for anyone to subscribe to a tier higher than 'bat box'.

Personally I would recommend Hetzner as one of the most affordable providers of good quality dedicated servers, though they are far from the only choice. Low-end dedicated servers at Hetnzer are quite competitive with the higher tier seedbox plans from most seedbox providers. I pay less per month for my dedicated server than seedboxes.cc charges for the Vampire tier, and I'm happy with the value provided by both services - different tools, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Frankly, seedboxes.cc provides great value-for-money for the services it provides, in my opinion. If it doesn't match your needs, you may be happier elsewhere - one size does not fit all. Which is one of the reason there are many choices - none identical. Also consider that a seedbox of any flavor may not be what you need.

"If they supported mounting remote filesystems, there would be little reason for anyone to subscribe to a tier higher than 'bat box'." i don't agree with this because mounted cloud drives are not sustainable to seed and download torrents. People who want to seed lots of torrents will need to have more local space no matter if you have gdrive mounted or not. if you look at the competitors they all have support for mounts. if i want to buy a server from Hetzner i use it as a seedbox and plex server both and i would not need a shared seedbox from any company.
I guess we each have an opinion, and they're not the same.