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Unlimited Traffic Update Question

Posted December 20th, 2018    969   1  

So after that lovely update with unlimited traffic for everyone, which by the way is awesome, I have a question. What is determined as abuse? I usually keep most of the torrents I get seeding until I get at least a 3 ratio in them. Obviously that is not possible with some torrents so I keep some of them seeding more than others to make up for that. Does that count as abuse? How would we know if we are abusing it or not? There should be a little "guide" to what is deemed as abuse. Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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What you describe is not abuse. Abuse would be to use 10TB of traffic per month, on a Bat Box account. Currently we do not have set limits on what might be considered abusive or not.

After about a month, once we will have enough stats from the usage of all our users, we will announce specific traffic limits, that would be enforced in order to switch users from Premium traffic to Volume traffic during the monthly cycle. The traffic will still be unlimited but this distinction of traffic queues guarantees, that users with not so much traffic usage will have priority over bandwidth resources over the high traffic consumer seedboxes. This is the fair way to do this