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Update Plex?

Posted June 23rd, 2017    2292   2   plex update server Media


My Plex client is saying that there is an update available for the Plex server. When I hit "download now", it gives me a .deb file. Are there any instructions on how we can keep our Plex server up-to-date?


Thanks in advance

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Accepted Answer

Plex is the only application that does not update automatically. We need to test each new version (in order to make sure that no bugs have been introduced with the new version) and then we deploy the update to all clients.

Unfortunately it is very common new plex version to break things and perform much worse than previous versions.

So don't worry about it, at some point we will update it, once we are confident that it will not break anything in your service


question though: will the restart happen automatically or do i have to restart plex manually after you have made the update?