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Uploading via FTP slow for single file

Posted November 16th, 2018    904   0  

For the last 2 months when I upload to the server via FTP a single file I only get about 60% of my upload speed. Previously I could max out my upload connection on a single file. If I transfer 2 files the connection will max out. Downloads aren't a issue and a single download can max out my connection. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this.


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Please open a support ticket for this

Yeah I did but was told it is a ISP issue and nothing to do with the server.

Funny that it gets worse every week. Down to only 20% of my upload speed. Time to try other providers.

What you describe sounds like bad peering between your ISP and our network. Please make sure that you open a support ticket to give you further instructions in order to troubleshoot this. Make sure to use our reroute utility at to optimize the route between our network and your ISP.