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Virgin Media - Plex Connection No Longer Works

Posted December 14th, 2021    481   0  


Since last night my Plex server is no longer avilable. I have restarted both the box and the app and as a last resort I re-installed the app. I managed to get it working for a little while and thought it was fixed to only have it disconnect again and for plex to say its not avilable. However, I can reach the server by using my mobile phone and 4G connection. This has lead me to believe its something to do with either my router or Virgin Media. I've played with a few settings on the router but cannot get it to sync up. Wondering if there's anything else I can do? I wonder if Virgin have started blocking certain ports or if it's anything to do with the recent migration that SeedBoxes carried out. Any advice would be great as I've had my server for over 9 years and don't want to leave if I can help it.

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Accepted Answer

Since you can reach your plex server by using another network connection (4G), this means that there is probably something wrong either with your router or PC, else your ISP.
If you are certain that your router and PC work perfectly (e.g. you have temporarily disabled any kind of firewall but you are still getting issues etc), then you should check the peering between your ISP and our network infrastructure.

To do so, please visit https://speedtest.seedboxes.cc/ . Prior to running the test, you can login and enable the automatic reroute once the test has finished running - this usually fixes a lot of the ISP issues.
You can find additional info regarding that tool here .

Nevertheless, since this is an individual issue, it is always best if you opened a ticket (if you haven't done so already) from your client area so our technicians can assist you. Don't forget to paste the link with the speedtest results at that ticket.