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VPN IP Address

Posted September 2nd, 2017    2211   1  


Can you please confirm if the VPN service offers a static IP when you use the same server or is it dynamic?

I use Softether and always connect to the same VPN server.


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Corrected answer:

We do not offer dedicated IPs on our VPN servers, but if you connect on the same VPN server, it will have the same IP always.

Hi Tony, I'm a bit confused with your answer. My own .opvn file lists a remote host with a fixed ip address e.g. > remote Doesn't that mean that the IP address is static? All my traffic seems to come from that one IP address? Could you please clarify.
Please accept our apologies, i answered too fast and incorrectly. I somehow thought that the initial question about a dedicated IP. The IPs of our VPN servers are static, meaning that if you connect on the exact same VPN server, you will always get the same IP (the IP of the VPN server). However, the IP that you get is shared among all the users connected on the same VPN server.
Thanks for clearing that up Tony :)