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What is the fastest way to copy files from Seedbox to Local PC?

Posted November 3rd, 2020    284   0  

Currently, i'm using FileZilla to copy files using FTP. I am getting an average speed of 12 MB/S.
Is there a faster way usingan HTTP download manager or something else?
I was going to try Resilio Sync but i do not want to pay for another service unless i know it is worth it.
I tested my speed using and these are the results:

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As you can see, you are currently using the Level3 upstream, which produces an Average of 128Mbps (which roughly translates as 16MB/s for a single stream, which is what you are using to download). I suggest logging in to your account and run the speedtest once more. If the "automatic reroute" is enabled, it will automatically change your upstream to a better one (should be either I3D or Cogent in this example). If it is disabled, you can manually change the route at the end of the speedtest.
You can find more info regarding our speedtest here .

Additionally, you should use an FTP client that supports multi-segment downloading, which is the best solution if you want to download large files. You can check our guide for that here .
If however you want to download a large number of small files, then you should use an FTP client that supports multiple simultaneous transfers like FileZilla which currently what you are using.

If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket from your client area, pasting us the speedtest link too