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What to do with downloaded encrypted files?

Posted January 4th, 2020    236   0   encryption Decryption

I wanted to download one of my files off of a Google Drive account that was encrypted, but once I download the file it's just a name and can't open it in any way. How do I decrypt the files?

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If you wait a few days, we will be releasing a new version of our seedbucket app that will include file decryption when downloading from Googledrive via seedbucket.

Alternatively, if it is quite urgent:
a) For whole Google drive encryption, you can copy the file to your local seedbox where it will be automatically decrypted, then download the file from there, or
b) For folder encryption, just do the above or copy the file to another folder inside your Google Drive that doesn't have encryption and download it from there - it will be decrypted


Oh great! Thanks so much!