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Which file system is used on seedbox?

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Which file system is used on the seedboxes provided by seedboxes.cc?

I'm a heavy user of Dropbox integration with my current seedbox provider. I recently received an email from Dropbox telling me to move my Dropbox folder to an EXT4 filesystem. My current seedbox provider uses XFS and are unsure they'll be able to meet that request by Dropbox. Dropbox will be requiring this of all Dropbox users in the near future and EXT4 will be required to continue to provide Dropbox functionality to users. For those interested, here's the email I received from Dropbox:

Hi DDWR450,

On November 7, 2018 the Dropbox system requirements are changing. To make sure that your files continue to sync, you’ll need to move your Dropbox folder to a drive that meets the new requirements.

What to do next:
Choose a new location for your Dropbox folder:
Linux 4.14.40-gentoo
Move Dropbox to an Ext4 drive

Why this is changing?
Newer file systems let us use the latest technology to help keep your files safe and synced in Dropbox.

  • The Dropbox Team


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Accepted Answer

We use mostly ext4 although we do have a few servers with xfs. If you have any further issues please open a support ticket.