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Why has my Seedbox storage mysteriously used up 43gb of space?

Posted July 2nd, 2019    1846   0  

My seedbox has used up 43gb of space, i haven't downloaded anything or added anything to it.

Im only using it for my Plex server connected to my Google Drive.

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try du -hs "${HOME}"/* - will tell you the sizes of each of the directories under your home directory. Rinse and repeat for large directories, until you find the culprit.

Plex caches metadata and likes to generate thumbnails. I'm guessing that's what is consuming the disk space. Recommend turning off thumbnail generation.


One thing to check, is look at the Local Files tab using Seedbucket. I am finding all sorts of files there that both rutorrent and Seedbucket both show were successfully deleted, but are actually still there. I'm having to manually delete them to keep my space in line.

I keep getting suspended for going over my space allowance, even though when I look in rutorrent the torrents I have on my box don't add up to anywhere near what it says.