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Why Use Google Drive ?

Posted January 18th, 2020    533   0   Googledrive


I noticed a lot of people use Google Drive, and wonder why don't they just use the storage on ?

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Accepted Answer

Google Drive offers Unlimited Storage with the business account.

Get it?

i see. thank you.

I'm also wondering why this is such a popular solution. I just checked the Google Drive pricing on the Business account and the unlimited storage does not open up until you are paying for 5 users. It's priced at $12 USD per user and only gives 1TB for each until you've reached 5 users. All that said, $60 / mo for unlimited storage does seem like a good deal if you need it.

Is that how people are paying for their G Drive subscriptions?

Google currently does not monitor disk space for Gsuite business account users. While they say you have a 1TB limit, you can go way over that with no issues. So essentially, $12USD for unlimited storage.
very clever :)

You can get EDU emails wich will get you free unlimited storage.
On gdrive.