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Posted September 20th, 2022    292   1   IPTV m3u plex

maybe there is a guide in how to use XTEVE and configure it in Plex?

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Second this opinion.


Unfortunately we don't have a guide at the moment for xTeVe, but you should be able to set it up without (too much) fuss. You just need to provide xTeVe with the XML or M3U file you downloaded from your IPTV provider and "link" your xTeVe app to your plex via the "Live TV & DVR" option so you can access the channels.

1) Place the xml or m3u file inside your seedbox. For faster reference, you can place it directly to the root level of your seedbox (which is essentially "/home/user/" ) by using seedbucket.
The path of the files will be "/home/user/IPTV.xml" or "/home/user/IPTV.m3u" . The IPTV filename will differ than yours and you can, of course, place it anywhere you like it, it doesn't have to be at that path.
Note: Some IPTV providers give the URL and not the file, you can use that instead.

2) Install xTeVe via 1-click installable apps from your client area. Use the following URL for the xTeVe Web UI:
(replace the capitalized characters with your seedbox username).

3) Once you login with your seedbox credentials, you need to either add a new playlist (this is for M3U) or add the XMLTV (this is for the XML file).
Click the corresponding option to create a new one, name it to your liking and for the M3U/XML file path, use the paths described above.

4) Head to your plex app -> settings -> Live TV & DVR and click the SET UP PLEX DVR button
If the URL of the xTeVe app is not found automatically, you need to input it manually;
(again, replace the capitalized characters with your seedbox username and click the CONNECT button).

5) Choose your Country/postal code and hit the next button
Note: In case you use XMLTV guide (and something went amiss and you don't see the channels), you can click that corresponding button, select your language and for the path, use the following;
(again, replace the capitalized characters with your seedbox username)

That should be it!

Since this is an individual issue, if apps are not working for you, please open a support ticket from your client area so our technicians can assist you.


Afer step 5 and entering Country/post code it goes to channel scan and finds nothing

the channels i added via a m3u file on XTeVe seem to be mapped fine in the web interface

any suggestions?

Maybe you can use a country that don't have post code like Colombia but don't hit next, click the text that ask you if you have XMLTVE and fill the fields . Most important is: EPG Source: XEPG XEPG URL:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it's at the top bar. Don't add more than 400 channels<<<<<<