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[Setup] Rclone on 2 Machine Setup

Credits: to angoikon with his reply to a question here, who told us how to do it. I just wanted to expand it so other users that are still kind of new to all of this, understand how to do it. It honestly is easy once you understand how it works. Basically we setup a connection to our G Drive via Rclone, Mount it as a local drive and use the Encryption Keys to decrypt it for PMS (Plex Media Server) to read.

Setting up the Encrypted Google Drive is easy, which works if we want to use the seed box for downloading and streaming the media. But for users, like myself, we want to setup the PMS (Plex Media Server) on a local machine or a remote machine to stream the media. I am based in the USA and it's not easy finding a seed box locally, so this is why I am doing this setup.

  1. Setup rclone on your Seed Box via this guide. I would make sure to make to grab a copy of your Client ID and Client Secret for Step 3
  2. Once you got that setup, you will want to install rclone on your second box.
  3. Connect rclone to your existing drive you setup in Step 1. You can use this guide as a reference.
    • However, instead of leaving your Client ID and Client Secret blank, you would fill these in as you use the guide. You would get these from the initial setup. (If you didn't grab them, you can go here to find them. They are under the "Credentials" Tab on the left > "OAuth 2.0 Client IDs"
    • You can stop using the guide at the "rclone lsd remote:" part.

This is the rclone config file for my drive: (Yours may vary depending on the name you gave it)

type = drive
scope = drive
token = {"access_token":"**Encrypted**"}
root_folder_id = **Encrypted**

  1. Now, go to your seedbucket, find the encrypted folder, right click it and select "Encryption details".
    • Note: If you did whole drive encryption, go to your settings -> Drives and select "Encryption details" at the drive. You could also see the encryption folder details from here, just click "Show keys" for the corresponding encrypted folder. Either way, at the new window click the "Rclone settings" and press the "Copy to clipboard" button.
  2. Go back to your Local or Remote PC, edit the configuration file with your favourite terminal editor and Paste the clipboard at the bottom of the file.
    • Linux: "~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
    • Windows: "C:\Users\USERNAME.config\rclone"
  3. You will need to do two changes;
    • Rename the "[CRYPT NAME]" to something distinguishable e.g. gcrypt, and
    • Rename the "remote = YOUR REMOTE:/FOLDER" with the name you gave your Google drive (e.g. gdrive, see above), so it should be written as "remote = gdrive:/FOLDER" (replace FOLDER with encrypted folder filename or if you set encryption to a folder or "remote = gdrive:" if you set whole drive encryption). Again, without the quotes.
  4. Save and exit.

Example of How my rclone config file looks:

type = drive
scope = drive
token = {"accesstoken":"Encrypted"}
folder_id = Encrypted

type = crypt
remote = gdrive: (Take Note that the remote is the same as the name in the brackets [ ])
filenameencryption = standard
name_encryption = true
password = Encrypted
password2 = Encrypted```

Make sure the "remote =" is the name as the drive we setup earlier with the Client ID and Client Secret. So for example, mine is called [gdrive] so I put "remote = gdrive:" under the [gcrypt].

  1. Finally, follow the procedure here to mount the remote as file system on a pre-created empty mountpoint of your choice, so something like:
  • Linux: rclone mount gcrypt: ~/mount
  • Windows: rclone mount gcrypt: z:

There is a bunch of different parameters you can add instead of using just rclone mount gcrypt: z:.

Don't forget to add the new library paths and re-scan your content, so you can stream from your local server.



I cant get it to work. the hard drive mounts but I cannot see anything. Any other suggestions.


If you are using seedbucket and have integrated Plex with your Google drive:
Please copy your rclone configuration found in "/home/user/.apps/plex/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" and paste it to your local PC rclone configuration so they are exactly the same.

Then issue the following command:

rclone mount plex-gdrive: ~/mount


rclone mount plex-crypt: ~/mount

The first command mounts your Google drive , the second mounts your encrypted folder (or drive) if you have set encryption with Plex. If you have Windows OS, subtitute "~/mount" with "z:" (without the quotes)



  • - does not seem to exist anymore. Where is the rclone.conf file located?

The above answer was for the older way were we implemented rclone into plex only.
Now, we use rclone as a separate installable app (via seedbucket).
The rclone configuration is found at;


If you have a Vampire box or better tier, you can install a second rclone mount, in which case the second can be found at;