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can't access to my Plex Media Server on my Seedbox after enabling 2-step verification

Posted August 24th, 2022    308   0   plex server Access seedbox Media authentication 2-step

Hello everyone.

About an hour ago I decided to enable Two Step Authentication on my Plex Account because it was used against my will; so I exited from all those devices I acceded before through the dedicated option. The thing is, after doing it, my own PMS on my Seedbox here on said me I wasn't authorized, and access was (and still is) denied to me.

Do you have any clue on how to solve this headache? I don't want to cancel my PMS on my seedbox and start from scratch a new one, I did it a few months ago for another error and was an utter nightmare to re-analyze all of my content on my Google Team Drive.

Thank you in advance!

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Accepted Answer

We created a guide on how to do that, without re-installing plex, you can find it here


Thank you! I followed the procedure after opening a ticket in the Technical Support section, and it worked!


Thank you angoikon! You did save me a lot of time!