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Few question

Posted August 28th, 2019    343   0  

1. how many gdrives I could have connected with seedbucket ?
2. is there a feature to download from filehosters ?
3. is there and option to run filebot from seedbucket ?
4. is there a chance that you might provide paid trial accounts like 1 - 2 days for exaple 3 E ?

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1) You can have as many google drives as you want connected to your seedbucket
2) Unfortunately no, unless the link provided is a direct link for downloading
3) No, there is no such an option. However, we plan to support it in the near future. Currently, you can only run your filebot at the terminal, through SSH connection.
4) This too, is not an option. We offer however refunds in case you are unsatisfied, you can find our policy here