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Google Drive with Encryption automation

Posted January 5th, 2020    101   0  


I managed to connect my google drive to my seedbox but I need to have the files automatically moved over from seedbox to Google Drive.

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Please open a support ticket from your client area so our devs can install the automatic offload script


so about the script, does it delete the file from the seedbox? presumably that would mean that you can no longer seed the file once its in google drive?


Yes that is correct, you will no longer be able to seed as seeding is done only from your seedbox.

However, most 3rd apps (like sickrage) do some form of post-processing like unraring, renaming, moving etc. You can keep the original content in the downloads folder (in order to seed) and offload the final content from your Plex subfolders (set the completed folders there). You have to fiddle a bit with that app's settings. Obviously, this will take double the space in your seedbox until the script initiates.

Alternatively, if no post-processing is made, we can modify the script to "copy" instead of "move" - just don't forget to state that in your ticket