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seedboxescc_vpn_1.4-0_amd64.deb results in: No dependeny: unity

Posted April 29th, 2022    162   0  

Hi, when i try to install seedboxesccvpn1.4-0_amd64.deb in Debian i get this warning.
Is there a way to fix this? I try install VPN.
I can not find wat is unity.

Linux Debian 11.3

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Accepted Answer

Try renaming the configuration file to wg0.conf and place it directly inside "/etc/wireguard/" (you might need sudo access for that).
Then, issue the following command:

wg-quick up wg0

If that still doesn't work, there is something wrong with wireguard installation.
Judging by the wireguard install page, I see that the module 1.0.20210606 (Jun 2021, in red color) is out of date and the most recent is 10.0.20210914 (Sep 2021, in green color).
You have installed a version that it is not the newest (1.0.20210223, Feb of 2021). You either need to search for more recents repositories (unstable perhaps but it should suffice) or compile from source.

Alternatively, you should ask wireguard developers for assistance on installing their app, or even better, ask at debian forums directly regarding that


I installed also:

Sudo apt install wireguard –> ok
Sudo apt install openvpn –> ok
Synaptic –> installed: unity-scopes-runner – desktop runner for misceallenous scopes -> ok


That file was used when we supported the OpenVPN protocol.
This is no longer used as we have transitioned to Wireguard.
Please check our guide here on how to download the wireguard configuration and set it up in your devices


Hi. and thanks.
(I try to translate the messages in English while installing wireguard and so on.)
If i check the wireguard link and install: # apt install wireguard, i get a message:
"Wireguard is already the newest version (1.0.20210223-1. The following packets have not enough requirements: unity but that is not possible to install"
I had that before so i tryed to install Untiy updates over and over again with no result.
If i try to install the Unity 3.0 update, i get a Linux warning that that it is not from a safe repositery.

I downloaded the Wireguard configuration file "sbccvpnwireguard.conf" earlyer.
If i try that to import that in my network VPN configuration i get:
"Cannot import VPN Connection. The file sbccvpn
wireguard.conf could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information."

And the file "seedboxesvpn1.4-0_amd64.deb" results in: " is dependend from uniity but:
packet unity is not installed."

And here i am stuck for now . I think i oversee something what is realy simple :) .