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Sonarr v3

Posted October 22nd, 2019    226   0   sonarr

Hello everyone,

Is there an option to install the Sonarr v3 preview? I used it on my last server and it's better, faster and useable than v2, even if it's a preview.

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Currently Sonarr V3 is still in a beta stage. We are watching it carefully though as we are planning on supporting it in the very near future


Would be great to have it as an option, even as putting a beta tag next to the application install


I agree, one more vote for Sonarr v3. Even though it is a preview, it's extremely stable!


Would also love this to be added. Even the option to have multiple instances of sonarr / radarr would be a much appreciated addition. I am currently using another instance on my local pc so that it can manage UHD rips and the one on the seedbox can manage HD rips.