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tutorials are out of date

Posted May 28th, 2020    193   0  

hi ive signed up managed to do plex but as for your tutorials for filezilla and rutorrent ,Deluge
dont work
if someone could point me towards a proper tut that works id be very greatful


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Indeed the screenshots in the Filezilla tutorial were a bit outdated (meaning, a few minor UI changes) however the process is exactly the same as described in the guide.
Nevertheless, we have uploaded new screenshots to replace the old ones.

For faster reference, you can find the link for the filezilla guide here .

As for rutorrent / deluge tutorial, what do you mean that they don't work? You can find them here (rutorrent) and here (deluge) retrospectively .

Also, bear in mind that you could also use our seedbucket app which has either rutorrent or deluge torrent client integrated, you can find more info at our seedbucket guide